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Diks voor elkaar

Diks Autoverhuur made 50 vehicles available for organizations and people in need. Think of good initiatives such as flower traders who wanted to deliver their flowers or the Food Bank that had to collect food to be able to continue to help people.

In addition, we helped everyone working in the vital professional sectors on their way at a very competitive rate.

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Strong together against COVID-19

The developments surrounding the coronavirus are piling up rapidly. It is now vitally important to slow down the number of infections in the Netherlands as much as possible. That's why we have everyone working in one of the crucial professional sectors desperately needed during the coronavirus outbreak.

Things that were previously self-evident are suddenly surrounded by uncertainty. Mobility is also an example of this. That is why we make 50 vehicles available for good initiatives and the rest of our fleet is available to all people working in a vital sector for a very competitive rate, so that they can continue their extremely important work.

Why do we do this? Because we receive many different, heartwarming requests, such as a flower trader who currently has to throw away a lot of flowers and instead wants to deliver the flowers to nursing homes, to put a heart to the elderly there. We are of course happy to support these great initiatives! So do you have such a great initiative in mind? Register via the registration form* and we will contact you as soon as possible.

*This promotion has ended, registration is no longer possible.