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BOVAG rental conditions

Diks Autoverhuur is a member of the BOVAG. This means that all vehicles are rented out under BOVAG rental conditions.

In these rental conditions, the rights and obligations of both Diks Autoverhuur and the tenant are laid down. This provides clarity and certainty. By making good agreements you know exactly where you stand.

The conditions are always printed on the back of all rental contracts.


The conditions below apply to all rentals where the tenant is a natural person who concludes a rental agreement for purposes that fall outside his business or professional activity.


The conditions below apply to all rentals where the tenant is a natural person who enters into a rental agreement in the exercise of a profession or business or the legal person or partnership.

Additional terms

  • A rental day is equal to a calendar day and starts at 8 a.m. until the following day before 8 a.m.

  • 4-hour rates only apply from 8 AM to noon, from noon to 4 PM, or from 4 PM to the following morning.

  • 4-hour rates are not possible on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Discounts are not valid in combination with 4-hour rates and offers.

  • The deposit consists of the estimated rent + € 200.

  • The deductible depends on the age of the renter/driver and the rental car category and applies per claim.

  • If the renter is older than 23 years, the risk can be reduced to a lower deductible.

  • We do not rent out to persons who have had their driver's license for less than 1 year and/or are younger than 21 years.

  • The renter remains responsible at all times for the overhead deductible as stated in the General Rental Conditions of the BOVAG, this concerns damage to the vehicle above 1.90 m, regardless of a reduction of the deductible.

  • No discounts are granted on our offers, kilometer-free rates and 400-kilometer-free rates.

  • The maximum number of kilometers with a kilometer-free offer is 3,000 kilometers per week and is based on the Fair use policy

  • We charge € 15 administration costs for handling tickets. After we've received a ticket, we will pass on your details to the relevant authority. We will then send you an invoice plus a copy of the original ticket. Please note that you only have to pay our invoice, the original ticket will follow by post from the relevant authority.

  • It is not allowed to drive our rental vehicles to Turkey.

  • For Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Morocco, Poland, Croatia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Slovakia an additional insurance premium of €10 per day applies.

  • In Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Morocco  NO roadside assistance dand NO replacement transport  apply. You must notify us in advance if you are traveling to any of these countries.

  • For Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Morocco, as far as we know, in addition to the €10.00 extra premium per day, a statement is also required, stating that you are entitled to drive our vehicle in the relevant country.

  • Since it is your own responsibility, we strongly recommend that you inquire in good time with the relevant consulates and authorities about the minimum required documents for the country.