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Chocolates for mom 💕

Rent your car and surprise mom with a delicious box of bonbons from Martinez Chocolatier!

Save time and simply add the chocolates to your reservation.*

Price per box: €6.25

**This promotion applies to pickups on 12, 13 and 14 May 2023.

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This is our Mother's Day tip of 2023!

Sunday 14 May it's time again to put all mothers, grandmothers, almost mothers, and mother figures in the spotlight. We do this with love, of course, but we still run into the same problem every year: what do you give on Mother's Day? A beautiful piece of jewelry, perfume or a large bunch of flowers are frequently chosen gifts, but we know what you can really make these lovely women happy with; yourself! A big hug and some extra love and attention remain the best gift.

DIKS is coming to the rescue this year to make this possible. This year during Mother's Day you not only rent transport to your mother (or grandmother, stepmother and all other mother figures), but you can also add a small present to it. We didn't have to think long about what we could please most women with and started a collaboration with Chocolatier Martinez from Amstelveen.

(Yourself 🧑 + Martinez Bonbons 🍫) * 🚗 a visit on Mother's Day = Happy mama 💙!

Thus, all mothers.

How does it work?

  1. You can find the bonbons in the extras of all passenger cars and simply add them to your reservation.
  2. Book your vehicle.
  3. Receive the bonbons when picking up the vehicle at your chosen location.

The costs are € 6.25 per box.

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Why do you actually rent a vehicle from DIKS on Mother's Day?

  1. Because you don't have a car yourself and want to surprise your mother by just standing at the door;

  2. Because you want to take her to the beach, a nice city, the museum or any other location that will make your mother happy;

  3. Because this Mother's Day you're getting into the role of a driver and driving your mom everywhere;

Why shouldn't a delicious box of chocolates be missing?

  • Because no matter what you have planned this Mother's Day, a sweet gift is always a good idea;

  • Or because you like to treat yourself with sweets while driving (Mom never has to find out 😉)