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You can rent electric vehicles at DIKS

The Netherlands is one of the frontrunners when it comes to electric driving. Electric cars are therefore increasingly seen on the road, and at Diks we understand why: with an electric car you drive cleaner and greener! That is why you can also rent electric cars at Diks Autoverhuur.

Are you looking for an electric van? Then you can also contact Diks! We are happy to help you on the road electrically!

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  • Free charging throughout the Netherlands
  • From the age of 23 you rent without extra surcharge
  • The deposit is only € 200 + the rental amount

Free charging throughout the Netherlands

We rent out our electric vehicles including a charge card. This means that the vehicle can be charged free of charge during the rental period.* The charge card can be used at all public charging stations in the Netherlands.

*Excluding the use of fast charging points. The costs of using these charging points are for your own account.

Do you want to go abroad with one of our electric vehicles? Then inquire about the possibilities.

Rent the Skoda Citigo-E iV or similar

Do you want to rent an electric car? Then you have come to the right place at Diks Autoverhuur. You have been renting a car at Diks for years, but recently you will also find electric cars in our range. For example, you can rent a Skoda Citogo-E from Diks! This rental car is fully electric and you can rent it completely kilometer-free up to 100 km from Diks. In addition, you will receive an electric rental car - just like with all our vehicles - 24/7 roadside assistance throughout Europe.

When you rent an electric car from us, you do so including a charging card. This is a card with which you can charge your electric rental car for free. It just costs you time. The battery charges from 0 to 100% in approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes. The exact duration of battery charging depends on the charging infrastructure.

Rent the Skoda Citigo-E iV

Rent an electric bus

Are you moving or do you need extra space to pick up something, for example? Then renting a van is the right option. At Diks you can now also rent an electric bus. That way you go on the road responsibly. Renting an electric van is ideal if you are looking for a little more space, because you want to move that one bank, or if you have to transport a lot of stuff from A to B for the organization of an event. You can rent an electric bus at Diks. For example, you can rent a Mercedes e-Vito from us. This electric bus is fully automatic and you can rent it at Diks with a charging card and with many advantages. Renting a moving van is now fully electric at Diks!

Do you want to rent for business? Please contact us for the possibilities. Also view our business short lease options!

Check out the Mercedes e-Vito

Rent an electric car and go on the road

Diks Autoverhuur has it all! Always with the most comprehensive service. We are happy to help you with the rental of an electric vehicle. We advise you on which transport is most suitable for your situation. We often get questions about renting and charging an electric car, so don't hesitate to ask! This also applies to requesting an extra driver or our insurance policies.

Rent an electric car in Amsterdam

Renting an electric car in Amsterdam, Amstelveen or Almere offers all kinds of options. It is the solution if you want to see more of the surroundings of, for example, the Amsterdam region. Because you can easily drive everywhere with an electric car, you can also opt for a trip to The Hague, Den Helder or Den Bosch. Rent an electric car in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Almere and receive endless possibilities. Because you can rent an electric car at Diks Autoverhuur for every occasion. With our electric cars you can also cross the border to all kinds of popular destinations without any problems.