The deductible

If you rent a vehicle, a standard deductible applies. The deductible is the maximum amount you pay per claim or in case of theft. If desired, the deductible can be reduced.

For damage you can think of scratches, window damage, dents, punctures, total loss, etc. For a description of the deductible conditions regarding damage, theft and exceptions, see the BOVAG rental conditions, article 12.

The amount of the deductible depends on the car category and whether you are younger or older than 23 years.

Damage lower or higher than the deductible?

You pay the deductible per claim. It is possible that the final damage amount is lower than the deductible. In that case, you only pay the amount of the damage and not the full deductible.

Is the damage higher than your deductible? Then you pay the full amount at deductible.

Lowering the deductible - rates

*Exception to the deductible

In the event of maneuvering, parking or overhead damage, an increased (and cannot be reduced) deductible applies per event. Consult the BOVAG rental conditions for a description of the conditions regarding these damages.


Frequently asked questions

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