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Going abroad

If agreed in advance, it is permitted to drive our rental cars abroad.*

*Excluding Albania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Moldova, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and Belarus.

We always state the countries you visit on the rental contract.

NOTE: It is the renter's responsibility to comply with all local laws & regulations. Matters such as tolls, environmental stickers and other matters must at all times be arranged by the tenant himself. Our employees can advise you on this, but cannot give you binding advice. For this we refer you to parties such as the ANWB or the TLN for freight transport.

For more information about driving abroad, visit: ANWB or TLN for freight transport.

Foreign surcharge

We charge a surcharge of € 5 or € 15 per rental day for trips abroad. This surcharge is taxed over the entire period. We tax the farthest country at all times. The image below shows which insurance surcharge applies per country.