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AdBlue is urea dissolved in demineralized water and injected into the exhaust gases to reduce harmful emissions (NOx) from diesel cars. The majority of our delivery vans, all our trucks and a large part of our passenger buses use AdBlue to comply with the latest emission standard (Euro 6 standard), imposed by the EU.

The costs of AdBlue are € 0.03 per driven kilometer with a maximum of € 18, - ex. VAT.

Do I have to fill up AdBlue?

No, we always check before departure whether the AdBlue tank is sufficiently filled and top it up if necessary.

When you rent for a longer period of time or when you make a long journey abroad, there is a chance that a message will appear in the display of the car or bus. In this specific case, we ask tenants to top up the AdBlue themselves and to keep the receipt. As a tenant, you only have to pay for the AdBlue used, not for the full tank.

How do you top up AdBlue?

Exactly how you should top up AdBlue differs per vehicle. In most cases, the AdBlue tank is located next to the fuel tank or under the hood. You can recognize the AdBlue tank by the blue cap with the word "AdBlue."