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Rent a bus cheaply in Amsterdam

Receive 10% discount on the rental rate of a passenger bus.*

Use the discount code: DIKS10 during checkout.

*Our general promotional terms and conditions apply to this promotion.

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  • Kilometers free from 7 days
  • Passenger transport up to 9 people per bus
  • Free cancellation

Frequently asked questions

We believe that renting a car should be clear, easy and familiar. Whether it concerns a passenger bus in which you drive to an away game with your football team, a van for the move to your new home or a convertible for your holiday to France. You choose what you need to do what you want. Below you will find an answer to 5 of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to renting a passenger bus at Diks.

Do you want more information or do you have another question? Visit: Frequently asked questions.

Rent a passenger bus cheaply at Diks Autoverhuur

Are you looking for a cheap rental company for a reliable passenger bus? Diks Autoverhuur has a well-maintained fleet of vans, passenger cars, delivery vans, trucks and so on. At Diks you can therefore cheaply rent a van that exactly meets your needs.

Diks buses are suitable for a minimum of six or even nine people, so there's plenty of room for all your friends! This way you have arranged your transport for the holiday in no time, for example, and you can go on the road together with one, or two, or three, etc. vans. So cozy!