The following General Promotional Terms and Conditions apply to promotional games of chance, promotions, competitions and discount codes from DIKS car rental.

  1. Promotions and discount codes are not valid in combination with our Promotion Car.

  2. Promotions are only valid in combination with the specified vehicle category.

  3. Minimum rental period is 1 day.

  4. Maximum rental period is 6 days.

  5. Promotions are not valid on holiday rates (from 7 days).

  6. Promotions are only valid for online reservations.

  7. Actions cannot be combined with other actions.

  8. Cash payment of any discounts is not possible.

  9. Business rates are excluded from our promotions.

  10. No discounts are granted on our offers, kilometer-free rates and 400-kilometer-free rates.

  11. Promotions are not valid in combination with 4-hour rates.