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Rent a car kilometer-free

Kilometer-free means that you can drive an unlimited number of kilometers, without having to pay an additional amount.

Kilometer free is based on our fair use policy and in most cases simply means kilometer free. Are you planning to go on winter sports to Austria and drive 3,000 kilometers in one week? No problem.

All our vehicles are kilometer free from 7 days, with the exception of:

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What does kilometer-free driving mean?

If you rent a car from DIKS rent-a-car for 7 days or longer, you rent it completely kilometer-free.* Renting a car kilometer-free means that the number of kilometers you drive does not make a financial difference. You can drive unlimited kilometers with your rental car, without having to pay an extra surcharge. By driving kilometer-free, you will not be surprised by extra costs at the end of the week. You can rent a car easily, clearly and cheaply without hidden costs at Diks Autoverhuur.

*In addition to a kilometer-free rate, we also use a 100-kilometer-free per day rate for 7 days or longer. This rate is often cheaper than the kilometer-free rate if it turns out that you have driven equal to or less than 100 kilometers per day.

Rent different vehicles kilometer-free

Rent completely kilometer-free? No problem! At DIKS rent-a-car you can rent several types of vehicles kilometer-free. You can rent a passenger car, rent a bus, rent a truck, rent a removal van and more from us. You can even rent a refrigerated truck. You can only rent kilometer-free if you rent the vehicle for 7 days or longer. Keep this in mind!

Why rent a car kilometer-free at Diks Autoverhuur?

Renting a car at Diks Autoverhuur is a breeze. With a few clicks on the button you can rent a car with us. We have a huge fleet of vehicles for you to choose from. And not unimportant: you do not pay too much. We also like to think along with you. Are you going on a winter sports holiday? Then you can also rent a car with winter tires and snow chains from us. We also have plenty of other gadgets to make your trip enjoyable, such as air conditioning, a radio/CD player with AUX connection and a navigation system. Renting privately or for business? That's no problem either!