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Rent a moving van?

Are you going to move? Then this is of course super exciting! Besides the fact that you will soon be living in a completely different city, the entire move itself is also very exciting. All those things that you have to arrange can cause a lot of stress. At Diks Autoverhuur we do everything we can to take a bit of stress off your hands. With us you can rent a moving van for your moving day(s). With this you can move all your stuff at once. We make renting a moving van very easy. You can easily reserve the removal van online for an affordable price!

Various options

Do you want to rent a moving van? Then you have come to the right place. We have various options. You can rent a moving van from us at various locations. You can rent a removal van in Amsterdam, Amstelveen and Almere. You can pick up and return a removal van at all our locations. We will make sure that your moving van is roadworthy, so that you can safely use it on the road.

Rent various moving vans

For example, you can opt for a Mercedes Sprinter with tailgate. This diesel machine has space for three people and a loading space of 430 x 176 x 193 cm, which comes down to 15 m³. Do you have a lot of large furniture and therefore need more space? Then choose to rent one of our larger removal vans. The Mercedes 515 CDI with tail lift is our largest removal van. This diesel removal van also has an automatic transmission and, like the Mercedes Sprinter, offers space for 3 people. But the loading space of this removal van is 425 x 210 x 226 cm, which comes down to 22m³. This allows you to take much larger furniture with you. If you are moving with several people, this large one is definitely necessary. These two removal vans are automatic, but we also have manual removal vans, such as the Mercedes Vito and removal vans without a tailgate.

Rent a moving van with enough space

It is very annoying if you have to drive up and down more than once, because not all your stuff fits in the car. If you rent a moving van, you take these worries away. Renting a moving van ensures that you have enough space for all your belongings. Don't have a lot of stuff, but it just doesn't fit in a car? Then you can also rent a smaller van at Diks Autoverhuur. (such as renting a van). This gives many possibilities, but with a van you are not sure that all your furniture will fit in it. If you rent a moving van, this is the case. Renting a moving van ensures that you have enough stuff in it and, depending on the amount of stuff, you almost never have to drive up and down.

Rent extra moving accessories

Do you want to rent a moving van at Diks Autoverhuur? Then think about whether you also want to rent other moving accessories. You can also come to us for furniture dogs, hand trucks, rope and block, pallet trucks, production bars, nets, load bars, trailers and trailers with a hood. With us you can rent moving accessories at a competitive price.