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Driving a truck through Belgium

Belgium has several toll roads. These toll roads are completely free for passenger cars, but not for trucks. A toll system is in force for trucks with a maximum permitted weight of more than 3500 kg.

All trucks driving on Belgian public roads are required to have an On Board Unit (OBU) on board that is switched on at all times. This only invoices the kilometers traveled on paying toll roads.

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Do I only have to have an OBU on paying toll roads?

No, the OBU must be switched on on all public roads in Belgium. The device only invoices on paying toll roads, and not on roads with a 0 rate. There are also checks outside the major traffic axes to verify the correct use of an OBU

To whom does the kilometer charge apply in Belgium?

De kilometerheffing is in voege getreden voor alle voertuigen voor goederenvervoer van meer dan 3,5 ton Maximaal Toegelaten Massa (MTM) en voor N1 voertuigen met carrosserie code BC vanaf 1 april 2016.

How are the kilometers driven recorded?

Using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology, the OBU registers exactly what distance the truck travels on which road and calculates the associated toll.

What does an OBU cost?

To obtain the device from Satellic you must pay a deposit of EUR 135. In case of return without damage, this amount will be refunded in full to your account number.

With other service providers, the use is included in the subscription formula: either on an 'à la carte' basis for sporadic use, or on a monthly fixed basis for regular use.

What do I have to do to comply with the rules?

Every truck on Belgian roads must therefore have a working On Board Unit (OBU). As a tenant you are responsible for this yourself. The OBUs can be obtained from the service providers of the kilometer charge, not from Viapass. There are currently six companies that provide the services. These are: