Rent a car per hour

You can rent per hour at DIKS rent-a-car in 2 different ways:

  1. You rent per hour as a member of our Buurt Auto Service.
  2. Vans can be rented from Monday to Friday for half a day (4 hours).

​​Rent a car per hour at DIKS

If you only need a car for a short time you do not want to pay for a whole day. Whether you need a car for a few minutes or half a day, DIKS can help you on your way. Therefore, DIKS offers several solutions for short term rentals.

Hire by the hour is possible at DIKS in 3 different ways. You rent by the hour as a member of our Buurt Auto Service or through our DIKS Autodelen platform and you can rent our vans for half a day (4 hours) from Monday to Friday.

Buurt Auto Service

Do you regularly rent a car at DIKS? Then we would like to offer you an alternative to having your own car. This means: no high purchase costs, insurance costs, inspections, maintenance costs and other inconveniences, but a car that is always ready for you.

With BAS you rent for €3 per hour and €0.19 per kilometer (excluding fuel). In addition, you pay no deposit and on the basis of a direct debit. And the excess is reduced to €300 as standard, free of charge.

  • Rent per hour and kilometer
  • Rent without deposit
  • Delivery guarantee
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Half day van rental

Our vans are available for half-day rental Monday through Friday. Need to pick up your new marketplace purchase quickly? Or can you make it within half a day? Then on Monday to Friday you don't pay a full rental day but only the 4-hour rate for your van. The 4-hour rates apply to all our vans and the following periods:

  • 08:00 hours to 12:00 hours
  • 12:00 hours to 16:00 hours
  • 16:00 until the next morning
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DIKS autodelen

DIKS autodelen offers 24/7 access to various cars through a mobile application. The vehicles are parked at fixed locations in Amsterdam-West and Amsterdam-South. You reserve, open and close the vehicle easily via the app.

  • On the road 24/7
  • Pay per hour and kilometer
  • Available in Amsterdam