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Rent a handy bus

You do odd jobs with a Diks van. We are happy to help you with any kind of moving or renovation job with a delivery van for all your new stuff, materials or tools.

All our handy buses can be driven with a B driving license. In addition, they are all equipped with air conditioning and have room for 3 passengers, provided they belong to the same household (one driver and two co-drivers).

Rent a handy bus

Ride to the hardware store or landfill?

Are you doing odd jobs, renovating or moving and are you looking for a handy bus that helps you transport tools, furniture and other large, heavy materials? Then you will find the right bus for every job at Diks Autoverhuur. At Diks we not only offer you the best buses to work with, our service also perfectly matches your specific wishes.

Working in the garden or on the balcony?

Have you always wanted to re-til the street to your home? Have you been dreaming of your own veranda or conservatory for years? Or are the flowers and plants on your balcony in need of replacement? Now is your time! And a rental van from Diks can help you with that.

Take care of your interior

The Dutch interiors are being taken care of a lot these days. A lick of paint on the wall, a new arrangement of the furniture, a few new frames on the wall, or ... just a completely new interior. Diks rental vans are currently widely used to move furniture from A to B.