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Buurt Auto Service

Buurt Auto Service (BAS) means: no high purchase costs, insurance costs, inspections, maintenance costs and other inconveniences, but a car that is always ready for you. That is the Buurt Auto Service (BAS) of Diks Autoverhuur.

You pay per hour and kilometer driven. Is the daily rate cheaper? Then you pay this and you receive a 15% discount on this rental rate. In addition, you benefit from a free reduced deductible as standard.

I want to join
  • Always a car available
  • Rent per hour and kilometer or 15% discount on the rental rate
  • Free reduced deductible
  • Rent without subscription costs
  • Rent without deposit*

*Are you known to us and have you rented successfully from us at least 5 times? Then you are eligible for rent without a deposit. Inquire about the possibilities.

Do you regularly rent a car from Diks? Then BAS already benefits you if you need a car for less than 10 days a month. You can use our cars for a small fee. With BAS you rent per hour and per kilometer.

Costs including VAT

You have no fixed costs. As a BAS member you pay per hour and per kilometer driven.

  • One-time registration fee of €75
  • Per hour: € 3 (excluding fuel)
  • Per kilometer: € 0.19 (excluding fuel)

Do you drive for more than a few hours and is a daily rate cheaper? Then we charge the regular daily rate with a 15% discount on the rental rate.

How does it work?

The easiest and fastest way to make a reservation is by phone. Of course you can also book online, but you will not automatically see the BAS benefits there. This is because our online environment is not yet directly linked to our rental package. Your BAS benefits, such as a free reduced deductible, will always be applied afterwards with online reservations. We are currently working hard on a new online environment in which everything is linked.

Rent without paying a deposit

Are you a BAS member and have you successfully rented a car from us at least 5 times? Then as a member of our Buurt Auto Service you are eligible for payment by direct debit. You no longer have to pay a deposit with every rental. Are you eligible for payment by direct debit? Ask one of our employees, they will be happy to help you on your way.